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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


kashmir adventure summer is the first place in the world where baseball is played on snow.
kashmir recently hosted a two decade old foreign game in an unusual and novel way,the game is played in hundreds of countries and more than half of them experience snow valley took a chance,succeeded and is now the pioneer in this game,also in gulmarg tourist come from far places to enjoy snow capped mountains with little and you are ready for skking the most amazing increadable beauty of gulmarg.


untimed places in kashmir journey starts with when tourists come know that places like tumulasar glaier,bat kol,and also hot springs water used for medatations in our kashmir,froests like wangom, desu,lihinwan where nobody has explored at all bcoz these are denestly covered all over with trees,this part is still untimed in kashmir where adventure lovers can enjoy exploring history.


kashmir has fascinated by natural water falls and environs,enthralling sight of chamri and pathra water falls, beautiful snow capped peaks,thick forests,cold water streams flowing the village and rich flora and fauna makes it a potential weekend picnic spot.
Chamri and pathra water falls charming and pictruesque natural water falls nestled in the lap of snow capped mountains covered with lush green forests give a heavenly look to the spot,cold,white icy water cascades down from the mountains.

Monday, August 9, 2010


This tourist destination stands sceond to none all over the world,kashmir has a history of so many amazing jouerny into himalaya ranges from phalagam,gulmarg,and sonamarg,mostly people like phalagam in winters seasions bcoz it has valley tube through tourists cross most amazing grass lands and high peaks of mountains on your both sides like walls of art work which also display,s at night sensational blue sky coming at you with lovely twinkle stars falling on your end.


Jummu region is name for its hertige and tradation with temples in most parts of town it looks a cultural hirtige piont when people enjoy holidays with out caste greed in their minds,kashmir a most beautiful places for tourists with high peaks of himalaying mountains and beautiful mughal gardens and tulip gardens seaional tulips flowers where tourists can also enjoy beauty of flowers in rainbow colors.